1 - How do I get registered for SAARC AAD?

Registration process is simple. Kindly log on to our official website i.e. www.saarcaad.com and fill the form online.
Alternatively, you may call our Secretariat number +91 7408430000 or send an email at info@saarcaad.com  should you need any assistance in registering online.

2 - I am currently in the 3rd year of Post graduation which will get over in 2 months. Can the observership/Fellowship offered by SAARC AAD be availed during post graduation?

Yes, observership/fellowship can be availed anytime during post graduation however you need to fill up the registration form first by logging on to www.saarcaad.com . Once we receive your application, we will review it. Upon approval we would need your documents to verify details.  The following documents are needed:

  • Letter from Department Head on a letterhead stating that you are a PG student studying dermatology  at the college/institute, the date when the course is getting over and that there isn’t any objection from their end on your participation in any programs offered by SAARCAAD.
  • Proof of Educational Qualifications
  • Proof of Age
  • Proof of Address

3 - Is membership of SAARC AAD required to avail the observership/fellowship offered by the association?

Yes, one needs to be a member of the association to enroll into the program, as we have a screening body/program to enroll only certified dermatologist.

4 - What is the procedure after I submit my registration form online?

Once we receive your registration form, you would be required to submit necessary documents e.g. educational qualifications, Proof of identity, Proof of address, Proof of age etc. You shall receive an email from our end which will have the details of all the documents you need to submit. The copies of your documents could be self attested, scanned and attached in your email. Send it at info@saarcaad.com

5 - What kinds of programs are offered by SAARC AAD for fellowship?

7 days Observership
15 days certificate courses
30 days fellowship program
90 days fellowship program

6 - What are the criteria for joining Clinical hands on Fellowship, what are the course contents along with the timings?

The criteria to join Clinical hands on Fellowship are:
Candidate must have completed MBBS
Candidate must have completed  at least 2 years of vigorous training in Dermatology at an institution level having a Certificate of the same.
Candidate has to have a Masters or Diploma in Dermatology
15 days course will compromise:-

  • Tutorials on theoretical aspects
  • Exposure to clinics
  • Exposure to practical (hands on) procedures

Time Table for the day:  8 am- 5 pm
8 am- 9 am and 9am -10 am – Two tutorials
10 am – 2 pm Candidate gets to observe the day to day business and procedures in the respective clinic
3 pm -5 pm: ‘Hands on’ on the scheduled topic of the day
Two patterns: Either of them could be followed


a) Facial assessment and correction (4 days) Botox, Fillers, Fractional Lasers, Advance Peels, PRP
b) Acne and acne scars (4days) Active acne lasers, peels, scar resurfacing lasers, Subcision, Microdermabrasion etc
c) Hair Therapies 1-2 days PRP, Mesotherapy
d) Hair Lasers (2 days) All variants, PCOS, Complications
e) Radio Frequency (1day) Warts, Moles
f) Pigmentary Lasers (1 day) Last day assessment viva and test and certification


Dedicated day to Procedural/Technology